10 Things I No Longer Buy: Part 2

I wrote a post called "10 Things I No Longer Buy" a few months ago, a list of 10 things I found that I could either live without or replace with something free/recycled/repurposed. As I've been decluttering the past few weeks and more selective of what makes it into the "keep" pile, there's (at least) 10 more… Continue reading 10 Things I No Longer Buy: Part 2


DIY Table and Chairs

  My first furniture pieces were all composite wood. Five years later, they are literally falling apart. As they are slowly being replaced, I am trying to be thoughtful about what I purchase so that we don't end up with things sitting around that aren't useful or good quality. But of course, they have to be… Continue reading DIY Table and Chairs

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Why We Should Focus Less On Our Finances

I had a real problem with keeping up with dirty dishes- they just multiplied so easily. I'd think "I really need to do dishes" over and over, but thinking about it drove me farther away from the kitchen sink. The pile would get even bigger, making it even more overwhelming. However when I stopped thinking… Continue reading Why We Should Focus Less On Our Finances

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10 Things I No Longer Buy

In my quest to buy less and save more, there's 10 things I've found that I can either live without or replace with something free/recycled/repurposed: 1. Salad Dressing- It can be difficult to find a dressing that isn't expensive, yet doesn't have preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, unpronounceable ingredients, etc. In the past, a bottle… Continue reading 10 Things I No Longer Buy


Saving Your Burned Pots & Pans

A few months ago I was making quinoa and completely forgot it was cooking. When I checked on it, the bottom of the saucepan was completely black. I was discouraged, thinking that since the pan was stainless steel instead of nonstick, all the burned on stuff probably wouldn't come off and I'd have to toss… Continue reading Saving Your Burned Pots & Pans

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7 Ways To Save Money At Restaurants

Eating out can be a budget killer, but here's 7 ways to reduce your bill when you do go out to eat: Skip the alcohol or other drinks (unless it's a special occasion). These often cost as much as a meal, depending on your location. Skip appetizers and dessert; or split them with someone else… Continue reading 7 Ways To Save Money At Restaurants


Reorganizing to Save Money

We moved recently from an apartment with deep pantry shelves to a home with about half the pantry space. My old pantry was fairly organized, with labeled bins and a place for everything. The new one, however, became jumbled after just tossing things on the shelf anywhere they fit. With half the space as before, organization became… Continue reading Reorganizing to Save Money

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Why You Can’t Afford Not To Coupon

I loved seeing the amazing deals that people got on the TV show Extreme Couponing- they saved hundreds of dollars each month with their strategies, usually 90-95% on each of their (massive) shopping trips. But after watching this show I usually came away with the thought of "that's awesome, but not something I can do."… Continue reading Why You Can’t Afford Not To Coupon

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How to Make a DIY Nursing Gown

  Why make your own?  Cheap maternity clothes/items are usually made from itchy, thin material, while the quality ones are expensive ($39, $48, even $60 each online). Any time I have bought something made from a super thin fabric, it inevitably ends up getting holes in it. By making your own, you can save some $… Continue reading How to Make a DIY Nursing Gown

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The Easiest Way to Stop Wasting Food

$165 billion dollars per year. 35 million tons of food. Do we really waste that much when we throw away food? Yes, according to CNBC: they state that these numbers work out to up to $2,200 in wasted food per family per year (you can read the full article here). That's a lot of money. But there's… Continue reading The Easiest Way to Stop Wasting Food

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5 Ways to Save $ on Lunch

Is it actually cheaper to bring your own lunch to work? Yes! By how much exactly? I always wondered, but the folks at How Stuff Works says you could save $1,500 a year (they did the math here). Here's 5 tips on how to save while bringing your own lunch to work: Invest once in: reusable… Continue reading 5 Ways to Save $ on Lunch