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Raising Adventurous Eaters In The Land Of Chicken Nuggets

We can have this idea that kids' food looks a certain way. Think about what's on a typical kids' menu at a restaurant: chicken tenders, grilled cheese, a hamburger, french fries, and maybe some pasta. There isn't much variety in color, flavor, or texture. Maybe there's a side of plain broccoli. It most likely doesn't get… Continue reading Raising Adventurous Eaters In The Land Of Chicken Nuggets

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Reducing Parenting Fears In A World Gone Mad

Parenting brings a whole new level of anxiety to life. It's hard enough to be an adult and take care of youself, and then you have a tiny human who's determined to try to run in traffic and eat hazardous objects on a daily basis. You think about pesticides and nuclear war, child abductions and… Continue reading Reducing Parenting Fears In A World Gone Mad

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Chicken Nuggets, Baking Soda, & Generosity

She was maybe 10 years old, rocking blue streaks in her pixie haircut, sitting next to me in the waiting room at the eye doctor's office.  "Can she walk? I'll make sure she doesn't fall," the little girl asked while holding out her arms, waiting to steady my wobbly baby standing by my feet.  For the… Continue reading Chicken Nuggets, Baking Soda, & Generosity

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What’s In A Minimalist Momma’s Bag?

I used to be that person who carried everything in my large, overstuffed bag. It looked like I was going on a weekend trip...every day of the week. Band-Aids, lotion, Tylenol, granola bars, stamps, phone chargers, water bottles, cough drops, etc.- I was prepared in case all the Walgreens, Targets, Walmarts, and grocery stores within a 10… Continue reading What’s In A Minimalist Momma’s Bag?

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On Your First Mother’s Day

You'll probably get woken up early today by a mischievious munchkin with drool on their pajamas. I know you wanted, no, needed, to sleep in. Though you are tired, delight in the love found in the morning wake up call of little fingers poking you in the eyes, or little feet tickling your stomach. I know you feel unappreciated at… Continue reading On Your First Mother’s Day

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Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you're stumped as to what to get your mom for Mother's Day, check out this simple "A to Z" gift guide. Many of the gifts are consumable or small, so they won't take up much space or become clutter. Several are ideas for gift certificates, so you can choose the amount that works for… Continue reading Your Simple Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Need Some New Baby Food Ideas? Try Some Of These!

  I didn't like tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, and a variety of other things as a kid, which is kind of ironic now that I'm a vegetarian and love all of them. I hope my daughter will enjoy a variety of foods as well, so it's been fun to come up with new mixes and see… Continue reading Need Some New Baby Food Ideas? Try Some Of These!


3 Educational Uses For All Those Plastic Easter Eggs

  Up to 250 million plastic Easter eggs per year were produced in the US at the turn of this century.  I wonder: for those that buy them, what do we do with all those eggs when it's not Easter?  I imagine they sit in a closet or end up in an attic. But what… Continue reading 3 Educational Uses For All Those Plastic Easter Eggs


11 Low-Cost/DIY Nursery Ideas

  There's something about the beginning of a new year that always makes me want to get organized. My latest project has been my daughter's room, so I haven't been blogging this year until today. It was difficult to decide on a nursery theme- there's so many cute ones out there! But I found a… Continue reading 11 Low-Cost/DIY Nursery Ideas

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10 Tips For Attending Festivals With Children

We attended The United Tiny House Festival this month (you can check out my post on that here), and it got me thinking about attending festivals with small children. Especially for new parents, the idea of this could be daunting. You have to have lower expectations in general about what you will be able to see… Continue reading 10 Tips For Attending Festivals With Children

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Why I Won’t Shop For Clothes In August

I know it's the beginning of the school year again when my Facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of kids on their first day of school. School supplies are heavily marked down in August (notebooks for a quarter, etc.), but in my experience, there aren't as many truly great deals on kids' clothes. Stores' new… Continue reading Why I Won’t Shop For Clothes In August


One Dress Or 1,710 Diapers?

Every so often something fun shows up in the mail, but the majority of it is junk mail and flyers each week. Most of it ends up in the recycling bin without me looking at it, but I love to window shop through the Hanna Andersson catalogue now that I have a child. I would have… Continue reading One Dress Or 1,710 Diapers?

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The “Why” Behind The “Buy”

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you buy the things that you buy? "Well that's a silly question," you may be thinking. "I buy them because I need them."  Bread, toilet paper, soap- okay, those are needs.  There are so many things we buy though that have nothing to do with needs, or even… Continue reading The “Why” Behind The “Buy”

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You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughter, I love wearing pink sometimes. I also love rap music and rapping. I enjoy having long hair, and I enjoy having a pixie cut with a faux hawk. I love Frozen and The Avengers movies equally. I delight in glitter; somehow it ends up in my purses and on my sneakers. I also delight in… Continue reading You Are Not A Princess | A Letter To My Daughter


How to Make a DIY Nursing Gown

  Why make your own?  Cheap maternity clothes/items are usually made from itchy, thin material, while the quality ones are expensive ($39, $48, even $60 each online). Any time I have bought something made from a super thin fabric, it inevitably ends up getting holes in it. By making your own, you can save some $… Continue reading How to Make a DIY Nursing Gown

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Review: “Hope Unfolding”

I was originally going to post this in May, but after realizing that Mother's Day is just around the corner, it's posting early! I have enjoyed Becky Thompson's posts on her blog/Facebook page, so I was excited when I learned she was publishing her first book.  There's many books for women out there from a… Continue reading Review: “Hope Unfolding”