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What’s In A Minimalist Momma’s Bag?

I used to be that person who carried everything in my large, overstuffed bag. It looked like I was going on a weekend trip...every day of the week. Band-Aids, lotion, Tylenol, granola bars, stamps, phone chargers, water bottles, cough drops, etc.- I was prepared in case all the Walgreens, Targets, Walmarts, and grocery stores within a 10… Continue reading What’s In A Minimalist Momma’s Bag?

Simple Living

Home Hacks: Part 3

  Separate your silverware by type in the dishwasher. This way, you can grab a handful of the same type all at once to put back in the silverware drawer: Use a suction cup to keep your razor on the wall of the shower instead of in a puddle of water where it'll get rusty.… Continue reading Home Hacks: Part 3

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10 More Home Hacks

    1.  These containers are meant for baby food, but they are also good for packing snacks in lunch boxes, or for storing pacifiers in a diaper bag: 2. A baby tub can double as a clothes tub if you need to hand wash clothes, but your sink is too shallow: 3. If you… Continue reading 10 More Home Hacks

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10 Home Hacks To Save You Time & Money

    Use your vacuum's brush attachment to clean bookshelves, blinds, fans, and window ledges. It's faster, dust is trapped in the vacuum instead of flying around, and you don't have to use cleaner and rags/paper towel. Have no time to vacuum your couch? Use a lint roller to remove pet hair from it. Lint… Continue reading 10 Home Hacks To Save You Time & Money