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The Thief of Joy

I was a bit jealous. Someone had posted a picture of her and her kiddos in their new car, and one of the first things I noticed was, "oooh, her car has leather seats." What's crazy is I don't even like leather seats.  They're too hot in the summer, they can get scratched....and yet here… Continue reading The Thief of Joy


A Simple 4th of July Outfit (For Under $15)

I will always love kids' clothes that match holidays- red and green at Christmas, red, white, & blue at 4th of July, etc.-- they are so adorable and look great in photos. The only problem is that many of the holiday outfits in stores are very holiday specific- a top that says "Happy 4th of July"… Continue reading A Simple 4th of July Outfit (For Under $15)


Ute’s Stuffed Mushrooms

"May I help you?" Her voice sounded so familiar that I had to do a double take. I told her thanks, I was just browsing; we talked about where the clearance section was. I was curious though so I had to ask: "Where are you from originally?" Then it made sense why the store associate sounded exactly… Continue reading Ute’s Stuffed Mushrooms

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3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift

  As someone who loves to give gifts, here's 3 things I've realized over the years: Don't just buy a gift because it's on sale or a good deal; ask yourself-- is it equally a great deal, a great item quality-wise, and something the recipient would enjoy/use? If it's not all three, keep looking! Think… Continue reading 3 Keys to Giving the Perfect Gift