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On Your First Mother’s Day

You'll probably get woken up early today by a mischievious munchkin with drool on their pajamas. I know you wanted, no, needed, to sleep in. Though you are tired, delight in the love found in the morning wake up call of little fingers poking you in the eyes, or little feet tickling your stomach. I know you feel unappreciated at… Continue reading On Your First Mother’s Day

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Why Looking Like Barbie Isn’t A Bad Thing

I loved playing with Barbies as a young girl. They had fun clothes, a cool pink convertible, and a killer shoe collection. But even at 8 years old, I had doubts about Barbie. No one looks like that in real life- her waist is so small and her legs are so long, I remember thinking.… Continue reading Why Looking Like Barbie Isn’t A Bad Thing

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Why Our Child Will Have An ATM Card

Do I have a car seat? A crib? Enough diapers? The amount of items needed for a baby can seem never ending. We wonder if we have enough of the right things. When browsing online trying to figure out what was really needed and what I could do without, I realized there's one item that I never see… Continue reading Why Our Child Will Have An ATM Card

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The “Why” Behind The “Buy”

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you buy the things that you buy? "Well that's a silly question," you may be thinking. "I buy them because I need them."  Bread, toilet paper, soap- okay, those are needs.  There are so many things we buy though that have nothing to do with needs, or even… Continue reading The “Why” Behind The “Buy”