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Inexpensive, Natural Home Decor

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Have you ever watched Fixer Upper on HGTV, or more accurately, got sucked into watching 3 or more episodes in a row? Joanna Gaines’ rustic & natural, but elegant style always turns a ho hum home into a restful oasis. The fabulously frugal thing about this style is that it frequently repurposes antiques, reclaimed wood and metal scraps, and other more affordable elements to make a beautiful home.

You can bring a bit of this earthy, natural style to your home with items that are fairly inexpensive or free, like pinecones or coffee beans displayed in glass jars, or a carved wooden bowl full of pebbles:

pebbles in bowl

If you live in a coastal state, collect seashells, sand dollars, or drift wood and turn them into a conversation piece for your living room. Fallen leaves would make a great texture for a DIY art project (like the Woven Newspaper project here!).



If none of the above strikes your fancy, low-maintenance plants are an easy way to add a little more nature to a room (they last longer than cut flowers!) and they clean your air at the same time- a win-win!

What’s your favorite way to bring the outdoors in?

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3 thoughts on “Inexpensive, Natural Home Decor”

  1. Thrift store finds (including books) and flowers from the yard are my favorite decorating elements– and I have a couple rocks that the small neighbor boys brought me that have a special place in my living room… Good post– to get us thinking…

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