A Goldmine of Free Reading is a Card Swipe Away

They jump out at me from the check out aisle- so colorful and pretty with enticing headlines like “The 1 Secret to a Perfect Life!” or “Instant Happiness Now!” But with a price of $4-5 each,  buying a few magazines adds up fast. I love reading online, but a magazine’s website doesn’t have the full content of the actual publication.

So if like me, you don’t want to spend money on magazines (or have them clutter up the house) but love reading them, find that library card you haven’t used in ages and check out the selection at your local library. They have the recent copies of the same magazines in stores, and they’re free!

(Library bonus if you have kids: things for them to read/do at the same time).

If you normally grab 1-2 magazines a month from the checkout line, you could save up to $108 a year by using your library card instead of your credit card!

If you have a few magazines lying around that you don’t read anymore, swap with a friend for a free way to get some new reading material.

Add a cup of tea or coffee, some chocolate, and enjoy a few minutes of time to yourself. Happy reading!

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